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Advertisement flyer from 1930s, 20 years before his first appearance on the cover of MAD Magazine.

An ad for James Evans Auto Parts ca. "Me worry? No, I buy auto parts from James Evans Parts Co.

Projects for Architecture on Vimeo

Projects for Architecture on Vimeo

INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS ENCAMPMENT DEGREE TRACING BOARD / Possibly the Henderson-Ames Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1875–1925, paint on canvas with wood, 66 1/2x39 1/2", collection American Folk Art Museum, New York, gift of Kendra and Allan Daniel, 2015.1.32. Photo by José Andrés Ramírez

The Captivating Imagery Of America's Oldest Secret Societies

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From personal email and texts to Facebook, Twitter and the like, the last several decades have seen an unprecedented influx of new means of human-to-human communication. So it’s a testament to the work of the US mathematician and ‘father of information theory’ Claude Shannon (1916-2001) that his model of communication, laid out in his landmark book The Mathematical Theory of Communication (1949), is still so broadly applicable. Working from Shannon’s book, in 1953 the iconic husband-and-wife…

Classic film on communication has renewed meaning in the age of memes and emojis

Tibor Helenyi

I have no clue why there were added green monsters to these Hungarian movie posters for the original Star Wars trilogy, but they are pretty awesome!

Pacific Drive-In Theatres #matchbook To order your business' own branded #matchbooks or #matchboxes GoTo: GetMatches.com or CALL 800.605.7331 Today!

Founded over 60 years ago, Pacific Theatres developed and operated drive-in theaters, popular throughout the and in the Los Angeles area.

avengers vs x-men 6 pg 33 by MarkMorales.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Thor versus Phoenix powered Cyclops on this page from AvX. Pencils by Olivier Coipel, inks by me. avengers vs x-men 6 pg 33

batman doujinshi featuring robin in an oven

Japan’s Doujinshi Culture Of Creativity Through Theft

Lots of doujinshi breaks copyright law. Learn why doujinshi is allowed and why it's good for the manga industry.

Scanimate: The Origins of Computer Motion Graphics #animation #analogue #scanimate

Scanimate: The Origins of Computer Motion Graphics