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Meet 'Ladies of London's Caroline Stanbury: 7 Reasons You'll Love The Superstar Stylist

This is Your New Favorite 'Lady of London'

The anticipation continues to build for the premiere of Ladies of London, Bravo's latest reality roundup of grown ass women with loads of money who love to argue and fight. despite having loads of money. Anyone who thinks the rainy weather across t

حوله خشک کن حمام : بهترین مدل های روز را بشناسید

حوله خشک کن حمام : بهترین مدل های روز را بشناسید

A long bob and side fringe really suits Khloe Kardashian

Celebrity Hairstyles: Long vs Short

There's one haircut that seems to be taking over Hollywood, and it's been doing so for a while now. The lob, or long bob, is the it haircut of the year pretty much, and it's inspired many to make a chop. That's why these seven lob hair tutorials are …