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WHAT? WHERE? HOW? Is this Authentic? Where's the label? PATOU??!! Tommy would die. Just die.

2. I die! It is just stunning. The scope the majesty. They just don't make buildings like this any more.Art. It's art.

17. Oh and carrying the green throughout but changing the walls, That's it I'm calling Tommy.

14. John honey go stand by that column so I can get some scope.

3. Oh my God!! I just saw it on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow is talking about it right now with that darling boy oh I can never remember his name. Sweetie how are you....

7. They put you in a suite? I'm so jealous.

5. Oh please tell me the Badgley Mischka came through the ordeal...

1. The Jefferson Hotel, Richmond Virginia. One of my Top tens to do while still young and beautiful. Built in 1910 They just don't make buildings like this any more. Art. Luxury. Majesty.... And the interior.....

9. Not much to tell my hot hiney! You listen here missy, you get in those comfy complimentary hotel pj's and dish. And don't you Dare leave out one single smoking detail