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Someone I used to know

Things unsaid can lead to broken hearts. If there is a problem tell the person you love about it.

Deep - love is never tricked , force , lied to , stolen from , hidden behind and reflected falsely - True love does exist


No Girl Wants To Start Over With A New Guy - She wants the guy she's been with to get his shit together & make things right :(

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Love if you're in love. Cry if you're hurt; smile if you're happy. Don't grow old; just grow up. Make mistakes; and learn from them.


A woman's love is something special! Thankful for all the loving, sensitive, caring and amazing women in my life!

Success will follow...

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"The key is not to worry about being successful, but to instead work toward being significant" - Oprah

carrie underwood

As bad as it was as bad as it hurt I thank God i didn't get what I thought that I deserved sometimes life leads you down a different road when you're holding onto someone that you gotta let go someday you'll see the reas


:) some people are just amazing enough to open your eyes to what you thought was terrible and they make it beautiful !

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It doesn't make sense to let go of something you had for so long. But it also doesn't make sense to hold on when there's actually nothing there. (Exactly how i feel)

Louise Erdrich, love this, so much.

Life will break you. Let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could --Louise Erdrich

Just cause we didn't spend a bunch of hours together, doesn't mean I didn't feel love. Or I was crazy for feeling love for u. Time isn't a measure, the quality of those moments are everything. I suppose I wouldn't care about being unblocked, if u showed up or called or texted, and gave me a means to communicate with u in private. That's a real start toward forgiveness. Just show up in our lives, we don't need all your time but some would be nice! ALWAYS Me -Y

Time is not a measure of quality, infatuation or love.time does not measure love ,only the intensity of your feelings do . is a feeling not a decision Loving you was not a choice it just happened #