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You'll be mad at yourself if you miss Ghost's 'Popestar' Tour. I'll swear that right here, right now, before the Devil. Experience the ritual.

♛ i've seen a lot of complaints about the daenerys storyline but it's honestly one of my favorites this season? everyone says that 'only feminists like daenerys' but maybe that's bc she's a kindhearted person who has grown into a total badass that is currently kicking ass and taking names? tbh she can conquer my kingdoms anytime ♛

While on the beds, and Minnie keeps on trying to un-levitate them but they won't let her. And send me the fic when done? bc I can't write

When I die, I want a dapper British person to come to my funeral, jump up in the middle of it all, yell this, and then leave.<-- that would be epic

Person B: Thomas and person A: newt. Not only newt died years ago, but Thomas killed him. I cry.