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Romeda Nebula galaxy Necklace - Universe pendant jewelry

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Space Nebula Earring Studs - Galaxy Jewelry

So this explains why the constellations don't change even though we're flying through The Universe. That question was messing my head up a bit. :P

NGC 474 is an elliptical galaxy in the constellation Pisces. This large galaxy is known to possess tidal tails, although their origins remain unknown. These tidal tails may be related to debris left over from absorbing numerous small galaxies in the past billion years. Or the shells may be like ripples in a pond, where the ongoing collision with the spiral galaxy just above NGC 474 is causing density waves to ripple though it.

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Vintage Pink Opal Ring,Pink Glass Opal,Adjustable Silver Filigree Ring,Antique,Victorian,Shabby Chic,Opal Jewelry,Birthstone,Keepsake

Vintage Pink Opal RingPink Glass OpalSTURDY by hangingbyathread1, $18.00 - My birthstone! love it!