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Cover your exercise ball or birth ball with a fun cover to make it clean, easy to carry and cute! Show your personality! These covers are bold and fun. Great for doulas, childbirth educators and pregnant moms packing their hospital bag for birth.

I discussed a but before about how there's some items that you do not need to pack in your hospital bag when it comes time to have a baby simply because those items are available at the hospital and it's pointless to bring your own. That lead to a little discussion on my Facebook page about what items are at most hospitals and it's okay to snag them before you go. Listen, those things are built into the cost of your stay. You are literally paying for them whether you take/use them or not so…

Honey Sticks

Honey Sticks Women in labor often need a quick burst of energy. Honey sticks can provide exactly what a laboring mom or drowsy partner needs. DIY make your own by heat sealing the end of a straw, filling with honey, and heat sealing the other end.

White Natural Birth Front Buttoned Hospital Gown | Delivery Kaftan Perfect as labor, delivery gown, nursing gown to be moms Baby shower

Mom + Baby // Why You Should Hire a Doula

I’m Birth Ball CRAZY !!!!!! Ways to use the birth ball during pregnancy , birth and after …

How to Get Through Transition Without an Epidural

Oh my goodness YOU GUYS! This is the best thing I've read on how to get through labor without drugs. It's AMAZING! Check it out!

Birth Balls and Labor - How To Use Infographic

We think birth balls are a must for mamas, doulas and childbirth educators. Pack your hospital bag or doula bag and grab one of these and you'll be ready.