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Tuinvogels | Natuurpunt kuifmees

Alle tuinvogels in één oogopslag

Gold Finch working on breeding plumage...

More photos of garden birds you can find on Green Dreams Photography

Groenling. Is gespot in onze tuin (14-12-2013)

Groenling. Is gespot in onze tuin (14-12-2013)

The Bearded Reedling (Panurus biarmicus) is a small, sexually dimorphic reed-bed passerine bird. It is frequently known as the Bearded Tit.This species is a wetland specialist, breeding colonially in large reed beds by lakes or swamps. It eats reed aphids in summer, and reed seeds in winter, its digestive system changing to cope with the very different seasonal diets.

Panurus biarmicus / Baardman / Bearded Reedling by Wilfried Solarz

afternoontea7:  Asian Paradise Flycatcher (via Pinterest)

Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) is a medium-sized passerine bird native to Asia. Males have elongated central tail feathers, and in some populations a black and rufous plumage while others have white plumage.


Wren Walking in Harden woods (near Bingley) with parents, it was hopping in the trees and then flew out and right into us, it had a right shock. very sweet!

500px'te Chloe Robison-Smith tarafından Bald Eagle  fotoğrafı

Most of the 60 species of eagles are from Eurasia and Africa. Outside this area, just 14 species can be found - 2 in the United States and Canada, 9 in Central and South America, and three in Australia. - Bald Eagle - by Chloe Robison-Smith on Mais


Black-billed Magpie (Pica [pica] hudsonia) The Black-billed Magpie (Pica [pica] hudsonia) is a bird in the crow family that inhabits the western half of North America.

What a beautiful colored kingfisher ... Nature is magnificent <3

The Oriental dwarf kingfisher also known as the black-backed kingfisher or three-toed kingfisher is a species of bird in the Alcedinidae family.