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Marwari stallion by Manu Sharma. Marwari originated in the Marwar region, India. There are 4000 years old paintings with curved-eared horses.

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Oh, you cheeky horsey hiding behind the tree, playing coy | The Prettiest Horse In The World- the Akhal-Teke!

American Bashkir Curly Horse. LOVE THESE HORSES!

The Bashkir Curly is a hardy breed that comes in a range of conformation and body types. These horses are known for having a great disposition and being willing and kind. The breed comes in many colors, including pinto and Appaloosa, but the hair of its coat is its most distinctive feature.

bashkir curly horse love

Here is a gorgeous Paint showing-off for the camera... it's actually one horse, but the photographer "blended" two different photos... either way, we wanted to share this beautiful stallion!