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First place!!!!! I don't have words than explain this moment!!! I'm so so so happy!! is a dream can be step on the olympia stage!!! First mexican figure in to win a Open Pro show!!! Thank you so much all people for you support and your text mensages!! Thank you so much!!!! #womanteam #yosoylimitx #ifbbproleague #figurepro #lendamurrayclassic #contest

This scene broke my heart and made me brake down when you see the strongest person you know brake down you cant do anything but cry

I am a woman. I think like a woman and feel like a woman. I have strong feelings and emotions. I laugh, I cry and I love with all my heart, but hurt me and play games with my head and you will see a side of this woman that you have never seen!❤️☀️

Undeniably true! Still the truth and always will be. The truth would honestly destroy you be happy I care enough about you not to destroy you more

“I was never a victim of the times I lived in. In fact, I was a success because of the times I lived in. My style of personality became the style. I was sort of the New Woman at a very early point. I was fortunate to be born with the characteristics that were in the public vogue. I think that if you’re lucky enough to belong to an era that you live in, in a very strong way, as I did, then you’re lucky. So I’m lucky.” -Katharine Hepburn (photo by Florence Vandamm, 1939)