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Tantra is about uncovering the hidden, removing the veil, understanding the inner cosmos and what makes galaxies. There are levels! To attain each level - a letting go of sorts must be achieved, this is not goal orientated! Its all about holding the 'gasm for him, a pulling in of that energy through the chakras (injaculation as oppose to ejaculation) which in turn opens her gateways more! The more she opens, the higher he can rise. 7 times = 7 chakras to reach the Inner God Consciousness.

Every cycle I am called, yet again, to a space of loving examination: What about my life is feeding me? Which aspects of my career or relationships are nourishing? And what am I ready to let go of so I can clear the way for newness to reseed and grow?

☽☾MOON TIME ☽☾ My moon time is like clock work ~~~ every full moon i bleed & I love it! My favourite time of the month. I will be writing a blog post this week on sacred elixrs ~ how to use menstrual blood & semen for Tantric Alchemy! ( --- But here is a cool pic of the phases of your cycle & how to flow with the energy ... ❤️