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Negativity, Toxic
Be thankful for the BAD THINGS in life. For they opened your EYES to the GOOD things you were not paying attention to before. ~ Thank you God for opening my eyes, carrying me through and showing me.
Yeah then blame them for it actually affecting them & when they can't help but to let it show cause its gone on for way to long. Shame on you. God sees all you are doing, remember that
Don't bring negative to my door.
Here you go @emhayden06, your to do list
If you keep telling the same sad small story, you will keep living the same sad small life - quote
I say this all the time to my drama girls in my classroom.  Why is it that little boys usually don't creat the kind of drama the way little girls do? It starts at such a young age.
So...this has nothing to do with wedding stuff, but we all know who this pertains to! ;)