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Sex, Intimacy and Marriage - 5 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Husband and Spice Up your Marriage

Sex, Intimacy and Marriage - 5 Ways to Create a Fun, Passionate Marriage

secrets to a happy marriage

This Graphic Shows The Traits Of A Happy Relationship

"The Science Behind a Happy Relationship" infographic from Happify. Discover what scientists know about happy couples, and your relationship will never be the same--guaranteed. To learn more, click the pic.

affair proof your marriage

10 Ways To Affair Proof Your Marriage

Want to keep straying at bay? Here are 10 practical ways to affair proof your marriage.

How to fix a sexless marriage: http://themarriagerestorationproject.com/fix-sexless-marriage/

How to Fix a Sexless Marriage: Dealing with the Root of the Problem

The post is all about how to fix a sexless marriage which, is about going to the root of the problem, to solve it permanently.

How Happy Couples work!

8 Habits of Healthy Couples

Great Book about making any marriage work by Pastoral Solutions Institute Author, Greg Popcak! If you need more help call us at


(How to) Deal with His Affair

How to Restore the Trust After He Cheated

My Husband Had an Affair – How Do I Deal With the Gory Details?