Marie Antoinette - 2013 Halloween Costume Contest. Beautiful!

Marie Antoinette - Halloween Costume Contest at

Robe à la Française, century (many pics!) - CLOTHING - This dress took me about 150 hours of work. The fan comes from Venice.

Vegas Showgirl - 2013 Halloween Costume Contest via @costumeworks

Vegas Showgirl - Halloween Costume Contest at

This is my Vegas showgirl costume, inspired by my love for Las Vegas! I love making and wearing costumes and this year I wanted to do something elaborate. I had the idea to make a showgirl costume because they are so fun and glamorous (in.


Pret-a-papier: The incredible period gowns recreated with paper, glue, paint - and not a stitch of fabric. An century dress made by artist Isabelle de Borchagrave is part of an exhibition in which all the gowns are made entirely from paper MARIE INSPIRED

Flirty Flamenco Adult Costume - Mexican or Spanish Costumes

The Flirty Flamenco Adult Costume exudes elegance and coquetry. The frilly pink and black form-fitting dress is accented with detailed rose embellishments.