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Thumb/finger strengthening...need to make...can cut a slit and put letters or numbers in.

My little converse tennies nearing the ability to touch the floor while on the biffy. And cousin Steve almost had me convinced that all I needed after going “Number 2” was just two squares of toilette paper with each required wipe. After a few attempts with my thumb popping through those delicates, into where the sun don’t shine I whispered to myself “yeah right ... maybe if I was Snow White.” —Pat Whitmer

Located in the Rogers Park community, TOUHY PARK covers 6.35 acres, with 2 softball fields, 2 tennis courts, & 2 playgrounds. A small fieldhouse allows children to participate in a number of activities. Weekly programming focuses on early childhood recreation (18 months-5 years) during the morning. Nature based programs such as the children's harvest garden are popular at the park. For those of you with a green thumb we invite you come out to the park and get involved in the community…

(Photo) Sports: Serena Williams Speaks Out On The Police Shooting Of Christian Taylor- By Joe Casey Another day, another shooting involving police and an unarmed black man. It is literally a reoccurring headline at this point. Despite the endless number of incidents, protests, hashtags & more, the fact is these shooting are still happening and at a mi

Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon pain, repetitive motion syndrome or any other number of wrist and hand conditions that require wearing a hand brace or hand splint? You can wear your personality and keep your brace or splint clean with CastCoverZ! Handz!

Go Long Crew, Black

Go Long Crew, with thumb-holes, Black, I love this color and think more things should have thumb holes!

Start to Lose Weight Easily – How to Do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) Daily

Trigger Finger can affect anybody, any finger (and any number of fingers, at any age. It is not a disease, it is a predictable result of various lifestyle factors like how we use our hands, our nutritional status, etc.