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yknow it's gun b sad af when theyre posting the tours on snap chat bc they'll be going through what I couldve gone to and I. w o n t b e t h e r e

Aw Tyler you are such a smøl bean and an amazing person ♥️ you too Jishwa


Tbh I would t touch Josh like that, I would probably make him uncomfortable and extremely anxious

Watcha doin, Beebo?

This is literally behind the CD on the actual physical album << it is lmao "never released photo"<<~ yasss

How do people find these things

Oh Brendon>>> we know that you're awesome Brendon, but sweetie, I can drink 9 caprisuns in 5 minutes.

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[reading comments on periscope] Am I leaving Panic! At The Disco?I am Panic! At The Disco.