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36...You know you're from Louisiana when...People ask if you're from Los Angeles when they see you're from LA.

What throws people as much is the N'Awlins accent.

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True Blue Beautiful: At Home October 30, 2016

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TWICE! hahaha  You know you're from Louisiana when...

I had a baby for mardi grad day I get a king cake year round it's his bday cake


Cajun and Creole big difference, I hate when people say New Orleans is Cajun.

Louisiana summer

Ahh yes, lovebug season.

You know you're from Louisiana...

You know you're from Louisiana.

They mean like if ya get a buck, they want u to save em some meat.

2010 Ranger Commanche Boats Bass Boat in Shreveport

it's the default route home from Baton Rouge if the I-10 gets closed

know you're from Louisiana can take Airline Hwy to go everywhere.

There needs to be very little excuse for a crawfish boil. Or none at all.

Louisiana, been there done that!

Hahaha, I did do this. But Rapunzel is actually my favorite. With Tiana and Belle in a close tie for second

But Rapunzel is actually my favorite. With Tiana and Belle in a close tie for second

Boy do I miss being able to get an ICEE at every gas station.  And NO, a Slurpee is NOT the same.

know you're from Louisiana when.a frozen Coke is universally known as an ICEE.

Sleet on mardi gras day... I want to punch a kitten!!

Sleet on mardi gras day. I want to punch a kitten!

People who visit from outta state get annoyed when we say "yes sir/ma'am"

It just depends on the person. It's not just Louisiana, personally I have no problem with that at all. I think if ye called me ma'am you're showing respect!

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