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Game of Thrones-oh Ned...things aren't going too well right now for House Stark.

The phoenix; the firebird. It's a popular mythic creature for fantasy - beautiful, unnatural and filled with symbolism. But where did the myth come from?

Horses and Dogs are so intertwined, these two are totally happy in one another's company.

A rare double Sceptre Quartz and double terminated from the Dolni Bory Pegmatite area in the Czech Republic. Crystal Classics Minerals

Meiji Shrine - this is the most famous Shinto Shrine dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his consort

"Flame is Our Lady, flame is Her hair. I am Flame" ~ Liber The Book of Babalon by Jack Parsons About

Sage Goddess HQ Master Crystal Grid - I like to play with symbols when gridding, like this nautilus.