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An alternative tag line for our esteemed Profession...

On T-Shirt for University of Manitoba Actuarial Club. Actuaries: We get paid to do models.

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U.S. Army Divisions in World War II

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The SAPA Project. Take the test. Explore your personality.   Advance the study of individual differences. Is it long? (not really) Is it free? (yes)  We won't sort you into a house or match you to a harmonious date. But we will give you feedback based on modern psychological theory.

The Big Five Personality Test is much much more interesting than the Myers-Briggs indicators.

How to tell the age by the name only. Also a great way to find a timeless name.

Names with the widest age spreads. I'm interpreting that as "classic names".

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How to tell a person's age by their name

These are interesting for my friends who are having babies! silver-feature-youngest-women-names, Ella is the overall age name. My age of 35 is "Sadie" I don't know anyone named Sadie.maybe a dog but not a person.