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Idiom Bingo Game--Using Idioms to Tell the Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving fun! Help your students improve their vocabulary by understanding the meaning of idioms. Using a BINGO game format, twenty-four idiom...

Idioms ** idioms printables ** idioms PowerPoint - 20 idiom printables and a PowerPoint that will help your students learn and understand the meaning of idioms. On each worksheet, students must explain and illustrate one idiom.

This resource includes 20 idiom printable worksheets and a PowerPoint that will help your students learn and understand the meaning of idioms.

Walk A Mile in My Shoes Game- Social Skills & Perspectives- Counseling, Speech

Play this classroom friendly fun game for telling how others feel in bullying situations and what you can do to help. Includes a guideline mini-poster! $

Labor Day Interactive Fun

Labor Day Interactive Puzzles and Fun Crossword Activity. Enjoy this Interactive Packet for Labor Day . This includes 25 pages of the engaging Labor Day classroom activities. Labor Day is a time to celebrate people who work. With these fun pages your students will learn what Labor Day is all about.

BINGO BUNDLE! Language Based Games for Each Season

This BUNDLE is the perfect set for practicing language all year long while saving money!! These 4 BINGO games build vocabulary while students practice answering questions. All of the questions and vocabulary are based on seasonal activities and holidays. These game will help students practice answering WH questions and increase their labeling repertoire. Perfect way to combine science and ELA! There is one game set included for each season. There are 4 sets in all.

This product will allow students to develop important skills like: - Reading - Understanding the Capital letter (beginning of sentence) - Understanding the period (end of sentence) - Making sure the sentence makes sense.

Thanksgiving Webquest and Art Integration Project

Looking for a way for students to build their historical understanding of Thanksgiving while staying motivated with a break on the horizon? Then try this project! Students will analyze artwork depicting the first Thanksgiving, go on a webquest to find information about the holiday, and then create an arts integrated piece to show what they learned, choosing from three different options. It's the perfect way to make it to holiday break!

Spring Writing

These colorful differentiated journaling prompts will get kids motivated to write! These are great for students who are beginning to write and also for students who are more advanced writers. It includes: 1) handwriting paper for the beginning writers 2) lined paper for students who are more skilled in proper letter formation and spacing. 3) matching writing pages for students who are ready to write longer paragraphs.The blank templates allow teachers to choose the topics as well.