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Idiom Bingo Game--Using Idioms to Tell the Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving fun! Help your students improve their vocabulary by understanding the meaning of idioms. Using a BINGO game format, twenty-four idiom...

Idioms ** idioms printables ** idioms PowerPoint - 20 idiom printables and a PowerPoint that will help your students learn and understand the meaning of idioms. On each worksheet, students must explain and illustrate one idiom.

Making Inferences with Idioms

Making Inferences With Idioms 22 Mini Passages with built in inferences about the meaning of the idiom. Students will give the meaning and the evidence they used.

Memorial Day Tribute (No Prep) for Grades 4-7

Memorial Day Tribute (No Prep) for Grades 4-7 This Memorial Day No Prep Bundle is all you will need to help your 4-7 grade students learn and understand what Memorial Day is all about. This is a personalized product to help make the holiday real for your

All Positive Distributive Property Scavenger Hunt Activity

Students practice the distributive property in a fun, self-checking scavenger hunt format! Instead of just sitting at their seats doing a worksheet, they can be up moving around the room! Post the pages around your room in a random order. The students may start on any letter they choose.

This product will allow students to develop important skills like: - Reading - Understanding the Capital letter (beginning of sentence) - Understanding the period (end of sentence) - Making sure the sentence makes sense.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompt: Persuasive

Want to teach important skills in a fun way? This Thanksgiving Writing packet is perfect for teaching persuasive writing.

Factoring Quadratics With a Leading Coefficient of One Scavenger Hunt Activity

Factoring quadratics made fun! Are your students tired of doing boring worksheets? Get them out of their seats and moving around with a fun scavenger hunt! This self-checking scavenger hunt consists of 12 quadratic expressions that must be factored.

Poetry Unit

Poetry Frames invite students into the world of poetry. They are simple, unfinished poems that invite students to finish them. They are also a fabulous way to focus on vocabulary and grammar skills!