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haha but the funniest ever: "you don't have to call me sir professor" sassy potterrrr

this fucking part killed me, I am now with all the dead harry potter characters, theyre

A quick analysis of all Harry Potter fans

I'm a Pureblood. (And proud of it!) My mom's a Squib. My dad's a Squib. My little sisters a Muggle-Born. My older brother is a Dursley. Most of my friends are Dursley. That is why i am such a Deatheater when i talk to them. I am weird.

au where hogwarts offers normal muggle subjects as electives or weekend or night classes if you want to work outside the wizard world

*slytherin muggle born stares off into the distance with Jim halpert face*

I'd go to Hogwarts(maybe),Camp Halfblood(stupid typo under PJ fans),Narnia(and be known as Queen Nanise), and the capital( I'm so weird already that I'd fit in perfect)P.S.(I'm the good weird)

I Guess Living in the Capitol Could be Fun?

Harry Potter fans - "I wanna go to Hogwarts!" Percy Jackson fans - "I wanna go to The Halfblood Camp!" Narnia fans - "I wanna go to Narnia!" Hunger Games fans - "I'm ok".

Quibbler Spectrespecs Replica Version with pages. by WiwinJer.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A Quibbler Replica version with page seen in the movie Harry Potter in the Half Blood Prince. If you want the Printable file just send me a note. Quibbler Spectrespecs Replica Version with pages.

James potter told us that a bully can become a great man

What the Harry Potter books thought us. (Ron's though. you can overcome lack of confidence with confidence. lol ron is so much more than that)

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

Muggleborn headcanons part 2

Oh gods they mentioned homestuck and I kid you not I screamed on a public train.

A home

A home doesn't need to be a house & a family doesn't need to be related. Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Supernatural Sherlock, Merlin