Superman-Brandeisen einzigartige Comic Geek Geschenk von niquegeek

A small, inexpensive metal print became a functional object anyone could use. The brand, produced by Etsy maker niquegeek, simply snaps onto a standard Bic lighter: . Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Llegar a casa y contar con una buena provisión de cerveza es hoy bastante común, pero no siempre fue así. Antes, quien quería una fuera del bar debía ir por ella con algún recipiente. El auge de las cervezas artesanales, revivió hace unos años, la costumbre de ir por nuestra cerveza favorita para disfrutarla como recién salida del barril. Gracias al Growler, la cerveza para llevar se hizo posible… .

The best way to a beer lover's heart might be through a rare, delicious brew, but here are a few other gift ideas for lager lovers and ale aficionados. Be sure to watch shipping dates and order any online gifts soon!

Botella WOBO / Alfred Heineken +  John Habraken (arquitecto)

Heineken WOBO (World Bottle), John Habraken, A bottle that can be upcycled to build low-cost structures. Why only produced?

label / 7 Fjell Brewery, Beer

7 Fjell Brewery, Branding/CI on Packaging Design Served. Hand Crafted Beer from Norway. This business is rad.

How to Wax Dip Bottles | Bertus Brewery

Ever wondered how to dip your home brew beer bottles in wax? Well this tutorial shows you not only how to do it, but the trick to getting a shiny finish. Why do you need to dip them in wax? Helps w…

Gillemore Magical Gin is a small batch gin distilled in copper pots in Belgium. Love the pharma-type bottle with cork top and "abracadabra" seal.

The name "Magical Gin" fits the design of this amazing bottle design. It achieves its intended purpose of looking like a potion bottle from a fantasy world or fantasy game adding to overall effect, thus creating an absolute beauty of a bottle.


+50 excelentes empaques de cerveza

Jackeen, a fictitious microbrewery based in Dublin, specializes in artisan, organic beers.