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We the People. likes · talking about this. A page for the folks. Not going to participate in the stereotypical worn-out arguments....

Sad, but very true! Especially in politics and international relations. Illuminati satanic masonic elite bankers/zionism/government of U.S. with false flags and Hoaxes/Saudi-Arabia, U.S.funds and support for terror movements, New World Order Agenda...

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I was raised as a catholic, and fully understand this.....thats why my kids have never been baptised. If, when they are older and want to go to church, etc... that's fine, because they will be able to go into it without the childhood brainwashing.

- Daniel Greenfield: (Despite Everything) Why Trump Is Winning »I KNOW WHY.......BECAUSE HE THINKS LIKE MOST OF US....HAS COMMON SENCE....AND I THINK HE'LL DO WHAT HE SAYS.....I'M VOTING FOR HIM.....VOTE PEOPLE. VOTE......"VOTE."

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Like Hillary says....changes must be established through laws that serve EVERYONE but only if they are enforced. Of course she was bashing Christianity at the time but liberals need to learn...what's good for the goose is also good for the gander.