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The jinja, or shrine, is where believers in Japan's indigenous religion, Shintô, go to worship.

Japanese Seven Deities of Good Fortune by JNTO

Japanese Seven Deities of Good Fortune by JNTO

Shitennoji - The oldest officially administered temple in Japan, Shitennoji was built by Prince Shotoku (574-622 A.D.), the great cultural hero of early Japanese history who at the age of sixteen successfully triumphed over the opposition and brought about the adoption of Buddhism in the country.   The battle was between the Soga Clan and the Monobe Clan. The Soga, represented by Prince Shotoku, wanted Japan to adopt Buddhism, a newly arrived, highly developed religion from India via China…

Shitennoji - oldest officially administered temple in Japan

Heaven on display: The Altenberg Altar and its imagery on view in Frankfurt

Phillips Collection exhibition reveals new perspectives on Abstract Expressionism

Sanjusangendo Temple, Kyoto

Imagen de madera en el templo Sanjusangen-do de Kioto・ 日本・ 京都市・三十三間堂 shinto / buddhism / religion / kami / statue Pulsa L para verla más grande sobre negro / Hit L to see big on black Pulsa F para marcar como favorita / Hit F to fave

Takato Yamamoto Altar of Narcissus front cover

Art book of works by Takato Yamamoto. There are also a few religion-inspired works and some scenes from Japanese history and mythology. SIGNED inside the front cover.