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Leg Up

Leg Up - Biomedical pictures for September

CRFR-1 (green) a signal receptor | AQP4 (red) a channel allows water into brain cells (in blue are cell nuclei).

Into Thin Air - Biomedical pictures for July

Las simples dendritas neuronales pueden realizar cálculos

Las simples dendritas neuronales pueden realizar cálculos

Ben Affleck

Affleck talks about fame, his role in “Batman v Superman,” the end of his marriage to Jennifer Garner, future projects and more.

SAHARA, AFRICA: The Tuareg travel across countries, but this has become harder since the colonialists carved Africa up. As a result, the Tuareg have been arguing for secession in Niger and Mali, which has often descended into violent conflict. Tuareg women have substantial sexual freedom, including the right to own property and to divorce. Tuareg culture values music, hospitality, and discretion. (McColl)

The Islamic tribe where women embrace sexual freedoms

Sex and the Sahara: Striking photographs of the mysterious Islamic tribe, The Tuareg, where women embrace sexual freedoms, dictate who gets what in divorce and don't wear the veil because men 'want to see their beautiful faces'.

Glow Bugs

Glow Bugs - Biomedical pictures for July

Tightening Up Skin

Tightening Up Skin - Biomedical pictures for September

Perceptual Motion | Protein VGluT3 (highlighted in blue) in a mouse retina. Red-coloured neuron is an amacrine cell loaded with VGluT3. Amacrine cells transfer electrical impulses from the eye towards the brain. Researchers believe VGluT3-carrying amacrine cells help to detect motion.

Perceptual Motion - Biomedical pictures for September

Neurites | uncoated fibres (top left) and those coated in a molecule that helps cells attach (bottom left).

A Helping Strand - Biomedical pictures for September