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old timey tub

Copper bath tub with water falls! That's what I wanted to do but ran out of time and space! I still have cool bathroom shower area but this was my idea in my head.

This will be one of the bathrooms in our cottage. Okay? Okay, good, because it is. haha

Sweet Country Life ~ Simple Pleasures ~ Country Bathing ~ wainscoating and tiles in blue-green refreshing color for this cottage bath

cool tub...love all the materials combined here..not so much wood on ceiling.   Do simple though a beamhere and there and not overkill


contemporary rustic white bathroom with wood ceiling, slate floor, modern bathtub. Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration: Contemporary Rustic Design from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

amazing round tub centers this room for a very simple but glamour bath.

That tub! That light fixture! Custom solid-stone stand alone tub from Advent Design and “Siena Silver” travertine field tiles by Walker Zanger for the floor.

Kouzelné rustikální koupelny

wine barrel tub, natural carved chair, branch for holding robes and the natural branch light shade. I bet I could do a wood paneling thing around an already exiting bathtub with the cap to mimic the vibe but still have functional shape and size.

Carbon fiber Hammock Bathtub

Carbon fiber Hammock Bathtub

We walk back down the stairs and he leads me to what seems to be the master bedroom. "I was thinking this could be our room," he says as he leads me through the attached bathroom and to the massive bathtub.    "I love that bathtub," I say softly and I feel his smirk at my ear.

Our Favorite Pins Of The Week: Amazing Bathtubs

Elegant and exotic round black stone bathtub. Also has unique plumbing fixtures and magnificent wood flooring underneath tub. This is a bathtub we dream of!us to make more of your bathroom dreams come true.

16 Simple, Lovely Ideas for White Rooms

I'm pretty sure I broke the shower head off of that shower.    Stone shower–lissyparker.com

Massage Shower made up of many smooth stones. The round rock surface is great for foot massages while you shower and give the bathroom a rustic feel.

Modern Bathroom

Bathroom with black floor tiles. Bathroom with black and white wall tiles. Bathroom with bath tub and wooden stool. Bathroom with carpet.