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Russian Fish Industry Can Substitute Turkish Imports – Fisheries Watchdog


Pentagon ‘Silent’ Coup Undermines US-Russia Engagement on Syria

We [the United States] could fix this tomorrow by letting Assad reestablish control and security, but instead we keep insisting on legitimizing the rebels," Todd maintained.

The meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, scheduled for October 10, could give a new impetus toward the process of normalization of Russian-Turkish relations, according to the statement of the Turkish presidential administration.

While ISIS is recruiting Jihadi Baby Mamas to raise future terrorists, the U.S. is embracing Muslim Brotherhood front groups that are on Arab designated terrorist lists

With the advance of the Turkish Stream project, Turkey and Russia are now positioned to trump repeated efforts of Washington and their NATO allies to force Russia and Gazprom out of the EU and open the door for US control of the huge EU natural gas market.


Sealing the Deal: Turkey, China Launch Nuclear Cooperation Partnership

The news follows last week’s ratification by the Turkish parliament of the Sino-Turkish Agreement for Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy. Read more:

Америка стоит насмерть против строительства Россией «Южного потока»


Gazprom Plans to Update Turkish Stream Project Roadmap

Russian energy giant Gazprom is willing to sign an intergovernmental agreement on the halted Turkish Stream gas pipeline project with Turkey and plans to update a roadmap for the project, a Gazprom official said Wednesday.

further refers to the reports of the Caucasus Strategic Research Centre (KAFKASSAM) in Ankara which suggest that the true purpose behind the attempt to set up the so-called "Kurdish corridor" was to transport Kurdish oil and gas from northern Iraq over northern Syria to the Mediterranean Sea.

Russia's Chief of General Staff to visit Turkey to discuss Syria operation