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The Hollow Crown - Everybody Wants to Rule The World

The Hollow Crown (Henry IV/V) Music: Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears My first attempt at a Hollow Crown fan video.

Henry V St. Crispin's Day Speech (video). The last sixty seconds of this...wow.

The Hollow Crown Henry V St Crispin's Day Speech, Tom Hiddleston. Ok, I started crying at "We few, we happy few.

http://io9.com/tom-hiddlestons-impression-of-owen-wilson-as-loki-is-s-1443916725 To see the video....

Tom Hiddleston's impression of Owen Wilson as Loki is surreally fun

Much Ado About Nothing - There's a double meaning in that- love this scene

Much Ado About Nothing - There's a double meaning in that - The new modern Much-a-Doodle-Do (George Bernard Shaw's label for Much Ado About Nothing) will have a hard time matching the film by Kenneth Branagh Emma Thompson

The girl behind him though, I want to be her best friend! She has the perfect facial expression for how I would feel if I was less than a foot away from him. And her scarf is fucking awesome.

torrilla: “ Tom Hiddleston meeting fans in Hamilton, Ontario by rayofdarksunshine Spiderman verses Tom Hiddleston by BananammickTime Tom Hiddleston hugs my daughter by Tanith Lund ”