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How autistic savants could hold the key to psychic phenomena

There is a DIA Psychic Center and the NSA studies parapsychology, that branch of psychology that deals with the investigation of such psychic phenomena as clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and telepathy.

PSYCHIC PHOTOS! Mary Bell Sledge had a remarkable ability to take “pictures” with her mind. She would hold a roll of film in her hand and describe a place she’d never been to before. There was no camera involved. When the film was developed there would be an incredibly detailed picture of the place she had described. Many scientists, skeptics and professional photographers tried to debunk her, but nobody succeeded. Mia Zabrisky books: Cabinet of Oddities.Her abilities were absolutely…

Psychic Chip Coffey ~ I have such great respect for this man. I must admit that most mediums I don't have respect for. This man is different. I love the way he works with psychic kids ~ always helpful & empathetic ~ so kind & gentle. His gifts are true & real & he shares that gift in such a soulful way.

from Mail Online

Mother claims her children can speak to dead people after they discovered a ghost in the attic (but dad's not convinced)

Most parents like to boast about their children's talents, but you might think Pam Billington would keep her family's special abilities to herself. The 38-year-old is convinced her two youngest Jadon 10, and Lucy, eight, can talk to dead people. Mrs Billington, from Cheshire, says they have made friends with more than ten spirits - including their own grandmother - in the past year.

Telepathy exercise-Victorian photo from a 1921 German book on the science of extrasensory perception

5 yr old Logan Dryer attended Sandy Hook Elementary School until 2 weeks before the shooting that killed 20 children and 6 adults. Logan’s mom Karen became worried when Logan started having panic attacks in school, but doctors found nothing wrong with him. The principal tried to soothe him, but he screamed, “No, no! It’s not a safe place! I'm scared!” Karen Dryer believes her son had premonitions of the shooting; that he inherited his grandmother’s psychic abilities, and they saved his life.

from Oddee

7 Amazing Psychic Predictions (That Came True)

Edgar Cayce predicts everything from both World Wars to Presidential deaths

Chip Coffey....I love this psychic, he is honest, open minded and has a big heart, especially for helping children deal with their psychic gifts.