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Sour Cream Coffee Cake from On Sutton Place.-----Really good, took to churchthis morning, brought home empty plate

Applesauce Cake :: Historic Recipe

Applesauce Cake :: Historic Recipe This was moms favorite cake grandma always made it for holidays

Old recipe 'card', either picked up at store or came in pkg.

Old recipe 'card', either picked up at store or came in pkg. Sock it to me cake recipe

handwritten sour cream cake recipe

"This just sounds yum! In case you miss it, that's baking powder, not baking soda. (handwritten sour cream cake recipe from "the improvised life")"

Bacardi Rum Cake

With two glaze options. In Spanish wine merchant Facundo Bacardi opened a distillery in Cuba that made white rum; after discovering bats living in the distillery, it became the logo for the r.

Preserving Recipes by Alli: Orange Date Nut Cake

Orange Date Nut Cake - To aquire recipes from mothers, pot lucks, cafeteria ladies and family. A preservation effort to organize & display a collection to be proud of. I am a dish enthusiast who will obsessively ask "How'd you make that?

Girl Scout Cookies Recipe—I think I will do this in January!

My Goodness the poor girls used to have to MAKE the cookies! +++++++++++++++++++ The first ever Girl Scout Cookie recipe appeared in The American Girl, July,