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Imagine going to a party and having this guy do this from a across the room. You blush and look down at the floor, only to look up and find him right in front of you saying "May I have this dance?" // I think I die.

Yup. But in HS, in my day, we didn't have these games. We just did what we saw in music videos or made up. =)

But this little tongue thing might be more serious. Yes. It’s an epidemic. I’ve got a fever. | Attention: Sebastian Stan Is Who Your Heart Should Lust For

Sebastian Stan: Romanian Love Spell - That look<< the look that got him fangirls<< the look that killed us<< the look that...<<The Bucky look<<that comment <<I know right!

'In an orchard, in a dream, gypsy dance, gypsy sing, gypsy dance to a tambourine, in fields of green'. (AllAboutEve).

Reasons i had to post this again... A) Sebastian Stan, B) An Amazing Suit, C) Sebastian Stan, D) Sebastian Stan

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