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Lucian Freud Portraits: Painted Life

It’s in this period that Freud’s brushstrokes become increasingly forceful, and the volume of paint on the canvas increases, so that it seems to almost shape the contours of skin or hair . In the portrait of the artist Frank Auerbach, his powerful forehead dominates the canvas. The two men had been friends since the mid-1950s, were great admirers of each other’s work and saw each other frequently. It was at the time he made this portrait that Freud began to use Cremnitz white, a dry…

Best Digital Art of 2013

I really like this piece, and the thought that must have gone into the editing process. It is effective on a emotional level as well as physical one.

Creating a home design allows you to utilize your favorite décor elements from different decades in your own interior. Check out this infographic fro

Make a story map of Goldilocks & the 3 Bears – draw a path down the middle of a large piece of paper. Write ‘Once upon a time’ at one end & ‘The End’ at the other. Then retell the story with the children & add basic drawings along the sides of the path (e.g. 3 bears/a girl/3 bowls etc) - take turns walking down the path & retelling the story (“,)

Fun Ways to Inspire Learning: Creating a Study Room Every Kid Will do Their Homework In

Children study tables have been made according to the in-depth study of the three disciplines of ergonomics, body mechanics and human physiology, and combined with the principle of human visual, color science and psychology, after numerous data acquisitio

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Witch's Son

(Open RP? Be him?) I open the door and step into the strange little shop, I walk over to one of the shelves, glancing at the boy in the corner of the room. I had been in this shop many times before but I had never seen this boy before, he seemed bent on completing this spell, so much so that he didn't even flinch when I accidentally dropped a large, dusty spell book. I bent down to pick it up, still looking at the boy through the corner if my eye. As I stood back up, the boy looked right at…