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High five sight words as kids enter & exit

Hang the sight word of the week on the door and students "high five" the word and say it as they leave the room. I've also seen teachers put a vocabulary word of the week on the door! Kids see it coming and going!

On the first day of the school have the students make their hand print, fill out an info sheet with the teacher, and measure their height in yarn.  Then wrap it up like a time capsule and put a label on it that says "do not open until (the last date of school).  Open the time capsule and do the same thing at the end of the year to see how much they have grown and changed.

First week of school time capsule- stamp & date their itty hand prints, measure their height with yarn, and have them fill out a little first day info sheet with their self portrait on the back. Then save until the day of their high school graduation.

Good idea for Everyday Counts if you can't make board space

I like the idea of having calendar math on a tri-fold board. Saves wall space and folds away thin to save storage space. Also comes with printable labels to re-create this board

I could definitely apply this at a HS level.. Maybe even find ways to incorporate technology..

Brain Builders Club - bulletin board with task cards for early finishers. Students choose a set of cards to study. Then they take a test and if correct, they earn a Brain Bead. What an awesome idea! Especially for the kids who need extra challenge!

Decoupage a bottle with vintage illustrations of flowers - these would be great to use to as vases.  #repurpose #reuse #recycle

Trash to Treasure - Decoupage a painted bottle with vintage illustrations of flowers - these would be great to use to hold flowers at a wedding!

Printable templates for board games! OMG have needed this! No more using my old boards!

Printable templates for board games! This site also lets you print out board game templates to make your own game!

Miss Kindergarten: bulletin making this! Love!

bulletin board

Miss Kindergarten: Classroom Setup.AWESOME weather chart at end AND neat first day photo/Miss Bindergarten project nice and neat colors!