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Join us for an Artists Talk with Caroline Douglas and Morwenna Kearsley, Thursday Dec, FREE   Work in Progress is an opportunity to see how artists make photographs, and to talk about how and why photography is as important now as it ever has been.

Take responsibility for your actions. You only look like a fool when trying to blame other people for your behavior. Stop making up lies so people feel sorry for you. It's really pathetic. Stop trying to use your kids against their fathers! Stop Parental Alienation!

.My life has taught me this....So me because I most definitely do not fit least with those in my life 'cept a scant few.

21 New Quotes to Boost Self-esteem and Life Understanding

Time for yourself is so important! Those moms that try to guilt you for doing so are just jealous. Jealous our husbands provide us breaks? Jealous we make ourselves a priority? I don't know. What I do know is they are missing out on something wonderful.

I think they get to switch places with me in their next life. I only can hope that I will be more empathetic and kind than they are......