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Art illustration - Prehistoric Mammals - Cervalces scotti: is an extinct deer genus that lived during the Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs. It had a deer-like face but a moose's body, It was slightly larger than the moose, with an elk-like head, long legs,It reached 2.5 m (8.2 ft) tall and weighing 708.5 kg (1,562 lbs). The species became extinct approximately 11,500 years ago, toward the end of the most recent ice age, as part of a mass extinction of large North American.

Tylosaurus vs Dolichorhynchops (Sea Monster by James Gurney)

from Live Science

Velociraptor: Facts About the 'Speedy Thief'

Learn about the horns, bones, habitat and other secrets of Velociraptor.

25 Concept Art and Illustrations of Dinosaurs - so much dinosaur goodness! by Daren_Horley and others

skunkbear: The past is packed with monsters!... - Martha Wells

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10 Big Cats That Have Gone Extinct in Modern Times

The now extinct 'American Lion' was a giant predator roaming North and South America as recently as 11,000 years ago. It is thought to have been about twenty-five percent larger than the modern African lion. "American lions likely preyed on deer, North American horses (now extinct), North American camels, North American tapirs, American bison, mammoths, and other large, herbivorous animals."

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Dinosaur Profile: Tyrannosaurus Rex (Infographic)

Dinosaur Profile: Tyrannosaurus Rex. Don't think there will be any dinos in the petting zoo but good example of info & layout

Beipiaosaurus, a feathered Therizinosaurid from North Eastern China.


The past is packed with monsters! Behemoths by the...

Skunk Bear The past is packed with monsters! Behemoths by the... : NPR