Taurus hate sneaky people. They respect people who are straight forward, honest and direct.

Listen people-don't freakin lie or omit the truth. If we're friends hurt my feelings with the truth because sneaking around and lying hurts and pisses me off.

Everybody knows not to mess with Taurus.  Push one of their buttons & they will push all of yours.

when they are fed up or in a bad mood then you might as well just vanish.

Bull Taurus Zodiac Sign likes to have sex a lot with one partner.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Bull will shun you if you piss them off or hurt their feelings. If you make no effort, neither will a Taurus

Taurus Daily Fun Fact

Yessssssss, especially true to clothing/textures, when something feels good to the touch/on the skin~ ahhhh, sigh~*