I don’t know about that booty though lol

LIBRA ♥ LOVE ♥ Zodiacspot: Find out why people have a crush on your sign here Not the booty part tho

Lol that's probably one of the best ways anyone has put it so fat

°Libra ~ Hear my Roar! and shit gets real! I like my nice pleasant balanced world!

Libra // Sun signs aren't really enough to sum a person up. I have a Capricorn moon

"A Libra will act as if everything is okay even when things are falling apart." Nothing but the truth!

I agree with most of this for me but a few of the points are off...and I'm not telling what they are :)

What you need to know about: Libra Women Zodiac City -I agree to all of it except being punctual, I hate being late.


Libras are drawn to beauty, whatever its form. Even when a relationship has gone sour, a Libra hesitates to be the one who ends it.


some say I'm shy but those who really know me say I'm talkative. These horoscopes are creepily true.