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Loki's Dirty Whispers : Photo

Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: “Oh, so you are one of the numerous ones whose heart beats with lust which can only be satisfied with my flesh?

Loki's Romantic Whisper - This one is just so romantic ^^

It is only I. It was nothing but a dream, dearest." Loki gathered me into his arms, and I could feel my wildly beating heart begin to slow.

Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: “I do what I want and you’ll do as you're told."

Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: “I do what I want and you’ll do as you're told." Would be a good line between Loki and Amora for Thor 3

Submission: "There’s something about that shyness of yours… Every time your eyes start avoiding mine, every time you turn your face away I lose control of myself; I have to push you against the wall...

Submission: “You lie there hoping and praying that tonight will be different; that I will ease your suffering, and sate the need which grows deep inside you… yet all you have to is beckon me. What’s keeping you, my pet? Call out to me.

Loki whispers. Is it a sign of emotional immaturity that I laugh really hard at all of these? This one is one of the least ridiculous ones.

Submission: “Be careful with your touches, my dear. I’m very ticklish there. Are you tempted to take advantage of that? By all means, go ahead. Make me laugh. Make me squirm under your fingers.

Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: “Lay back, I’m not done with you yet.”

Loki's Dirty Whispers - Submission: “Mortal girl, I will give you the greatest pleasure by taking your tightest passage. Now relax yourself for me.

Loki's Dirty Whispers

Loki's Dirty Whispers

Exactly how I imagined. ♥ Loki's Dirty Whispers

Submission: “Why do you come here? Every night you come to me, give yourself to me, without hesitation, in fact you come with sincere desire. When you know I can give you nothing in return, but myself. I am as much a slave as you are.