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Zero's Wheelchair Accessible Shower Threshold is designed for showers without a curb or door - the rubber gasket in the threshold keeps water in the shower pan. The rubber gasket collapses under the wheels of a wheelchair and springs back up to contain water.

Wall-mount sinks allow for easier wheelchair access. A tilted mirror provides better visibility from a chair as well. It's hard to identify this simple Contemporary design as an accessible one isn't it? For more on "Aging (Stylishly) in Place": http://www.blog.riverbendhome.com/aging-in-place-stylishly/

Accessible bathroom - Wheelchair access and turning radius. Learn 7 features of an accessible bathroom in this article. http://blog.innovatebuildingsolutions.com/2014/11/15/inspiring-lives-universal-accessible-design-education-universal-design-living-laboratory/ #InnovateBuilding

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