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In the pic below, we spotted a heard of black wildebeest. These large animals are probably the easiest to get close to in my opinion.

Zebra are super wary animals and in my opinion, one of the hardest to hunt. These three knew something was going on and spotted us well before we saw them.

The critters below are red hartebeest. They are very elusive and wary. There was a small heard of zebra tagging along with this bunch. The zebra like to hang out with other animals like the hartebeest which makes it that much harder to get close.

This is not the same duiker as in the pic. When on safari, duikers are taken as animals of opportunity. You rarely see one if your actually looking for them. They just pop up randomly

Although we did see a lot of animals this day, we were not able to get close enough for a shot. We covered a lot of ground today. Whoever said hunting Africa was easy obviously didn't hunt for kudu!

A small herd of zebra on the run. These are very wary animals and one of the hardest to hunt IMO.

Another hog. These animals do so much damage to the land and breed so fast, we had orders to shoot all on sight.

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