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Two people with paralysis were able to control robotic arms using only their thoughts—and the help of a new interface system. #latePost 2012

Modular Robotic Hand Moving Like A Live One (+VIDEO)

Future Robots. Robotic Snakes & Worms Get Under Your Skin. The modular snake robots being designed at Carnegie Mellon University can move in a variety of ways: slither, roll, swim, and climb straight up. They can spiral forward to fit through a narrow space such as a pipe, or they can wind themselves around a pole or tree and slither up. To move across a flat surface, they move up and down like an inchworm.

from MIT Technology Review

A Robot with Artificial Muscles and Tendons

Some Robots Are Starting to Move More Like Humans | MIT Technology Review

Mind-Controlled Machines Give Paralyzed Patients New Hope | Cyborg Nation

CIROS, A Household Service Robot Demonstrated At Robot World 2012 in South Korea

from Digital Trends

By stimulating the spine, this exoskeleton helps paralyzed people re-learn how to walk

Pela primeira vez, um exoesqueleto permitiu que um paciente completamente paralisado movesse suas pernas de forma intencional e controlada.

from The Economist


So far, Dr Laschi’s robot is not so much an octopus as a monopus, but she plans to correct this over the next two years by adding seven more arms and a control system that can co-ordinate them all.

Exsoskeleton armor gives superhuman strength to regular people and paralyzed people the ability walk.

from Mashable

FDA Approves Segway Inventor's Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm

A Bionic, Mind-Controlled Arm, From the Inventor of the Segway Enter the DEKA limb, the first FDA-approved robotic arm that’s powered by the wearer’s mind. Electrodes attached to the arm near the prosthesis detect muscle contraction, and those signals are then interpreted into specific movements by a computer, the FDA announced on Friday.