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Now he's too devoid of colour, he don't know what it means.

indie iphone wallpapers << what...? Is that like, a hipster thing...? Please tell me know you know it's from a song...

indie iphone wallpapers << what. Is that like, a hipster thing. Please tell me know you know it's from a song.

pinterest @happyandveg ✰ // it's cool to be kind (thanks for 1k!! ily all y'all can always reach out to me when you need to talk to ANYONE, bout anything that you feel the need to talk about❤️i'm very open minded and i want to help)

photography / hipster / indie / grunge<< you see it as hipster, I see it as a writing prompt.

Imagen de reality, quote, and grunge

living in dremas is better. but each day, u have to wake up and deal with the world full of bullshits and crap ppl