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At the top of the page, there is the Zodiac sign for March: Aries the Ram. At the bottom, there is another scene of agricultural industriousness. Three peasants labour in a fenced-off garden: the men digging and planting fruit trees, the woman pulling up weeds. They are overseen by a gentlewoman, who is holding a small lapdog in her arms, and her female attendant. A large and imposing building, presumably the woman’s residence, stands in the background.

Month, Occupation: March -- Man, wearing elaborate headgear, is flanked by two men, each holding hoe or mattock. Scene in landscape setting filled with short, bare trees, all within decorated medallion in lower margin (bas-de-page). Morgan LibraryMS M.358 Book of hours (Ms. Pierpont Morgan Library. M.358) Title: Book of hours. Published/Created: Provence, France, ca. 1440-1450. Notes: Book of hours ("unfinished hours"), use of ...

It’s harvest time on this month’s calendar page: two male peasants are reaping fully-grown wheat with sickles, while a female peasant is binding it together in sheaves. A cart drawn by two horses is passing by in the background

For February, the bas-de-page scene is an appropriately wintry and barren one. In the foreground, two ruddy-faced labourers prune back vines, while another carries off the trimmings for firewood in a bundle on his back (note how he is wearing medieval mittens against the cold!). A female figure is following in his footsteps in the background, and to the right a team of oxen draw a plough through a frosty field.

Miniature of St George and the dragon, surrounded by a jewelled border, Add MS 35313, f. 223v The structure of the calendar echoes the beauty of the rest of the manuscript. Each folio contains a single month, beginning with a small painting of the sign of the zodiac at the top. Below this is the listing of the saints’ days for the month, and, unusually, every slot is filled with an observance or feast.

November, marked by the Zodiac symbol of the centaur for Sagittarius, saw the celebration of several important festivals in the Christian calendar, each illustrated in the roundels to the left: All Souls’ Day, the Commemoration of Souls in Purgatory, St Martin of Tours, St Catherine (shown being beheaded, her wheel in the background) and St Andrew (shown being crucified on the saltire)