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Infographic: Amazon's Online Sales Dwarf the Competition | Statista

Get 33 quick tips and best practices for ecommerce conversion rate. Learn from the largest companies worldwide about ecommerce conversion rate optimization.

There are now at least 25 billion-dollar mobile internet companies. #NerdMentor

There are now at least 25 billion-dollar mobile internet companies

There are 25 mobile Internet companies valued at One Billion dollars plus

Internet Trends of 2015 #infographic

Internet Trends of 2015 #infographic

Check out the top 5 trends from KPCE's Internet Trends 2015 report, and how they relate to digital marketers, business owners, and brands.

Appia On The Move [INFOGRAPHIC]

Appia launches pay per install service for ad platform

The key to successful marketing is knowing who your consumer is, what they want and how they spend their money. Check out these statistics on Spending Habits of the Modern Consumer.

21 Consumer Discretionary Spending Statistics


Billions spent on this. Billions spent on that. Where does fusion fit in the billion dollar gram?

Customer Behavior - What Motivates Millennials to Work and Shop [Infographic] : MarketingProfs Article

What Motivates Millennials to Work and Shop [Infographic]

Customer Behavior - Before you engage Millennials, you need to understand what drives them. Check out these stats about Millennials in the workforce and marketplace.

You may not be hired for being too old/young, bald, overweight, beautiful. Click to read the whole infogram!

How To Look Good On Facebook - LinkedIn Profiles

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Is computing history repeating itself? Platform wars were feature of early personal computing and now a feature of mobile.

Visualizing Web Performance

Websites have changed radically in the past 15 years, and these changes have had a powerful effect on how people use the web. To help visualize these