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IT IS A FACT - guess which apps are most popular? - wrong - Flurry does the numbers and Statista the analysis: 115% up - Infographic: Messaging & Social App Use Triples in 2013

52 top tips to boost eCommerce Conversion via @Evosite

IT IS A FACT - in 2013 the bots started taking over the web: Humans Account for Less Than 40% of Global Web Traffic ( o, and out of the 60% half of it are malicious non-humans!) | @Statista made this excellent Infographic

MOBILE USAGE: How Consumers Are Using Their Phones, And What It Means

IT IS A FACT - there will be 15 megacities ( pop. 15m - 39m in 2025, that's Tokyo) - none in the EU, 2 in USmost in AP - Infographic: The World's Megacities Are Set for Major Growth | Statista, thanks Felix!

CHART OF THE DAY: The Rise And Fall Of BlackBerry

IT IS A FACT - once worth 80 billion, now for sale for almost 5 billion - funny thing, value - The Rise and Fall of Blackberry

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