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Darkness Returns, Rayden Chen on ArtStation at

ENTJ: The Evil Overlord, ENTP: The Mad Scientist, ENFJ: The Cult Leader, ESFJ: The Control Freak, ESTJ: The Bureaucrat, INFJ: The Conspiracy Theorist, INFP: The Idealist, ENFP: The Scientologist, ISTJ: The Thought Police, ESFP: The National Enquirer Headline, INTP: The Egghead, INTJ: The Outside Contractor, ISTP: The Psycho Vigilante, ISFP: The Crackpot, ISFJ: The Martyr, ESTP: The Conman.

humans? you mean slaves - humans? you mean slaves Evil Overlord Cat

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 27 Pics


Upcoming invasion.

Like the opposite plot of Diana Wynne Jones' Dark Lord of Derkholm.

from Spoon Graphics

Showcase of Stylish Single Weight Line Art Illustrations

Like the feel of this, but too intricate and too much going on

Thank you.... Idk who drew this. Either GingerMenace or Elentori.

The INFP fairytale archetype: The Princess. The dreamy, naive, idealistic girl wandering in the woods singing.

I wouldn't believe in this post because everybody knows Baekhyun would be the first to go LOL