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(John Varvatos - Peace Rocks 2 of 3) At the outset of the course, we stressed the importance of telling a story and the brand’s ability to not only tell stories and connect its products and services to its consumer’s stories. This ad uses the story of Ringo Starr, putting him at the center, while using John Varvatos clothing as the backdrop and support. Like in previous years, John Varvatos continues to tie music with fashion. COMMERCIAL/CAMPAIGN

This was so me when I was a little girl!!!...and I had a stick horse when I really wanted to get somewhere. When I was five, I graduated to the real thing...been horse crazy ever since.

Nicole Kidman dances on stage beside hubby Keith Urban in 2016 tribute

2016 has been pretty brutal for celebrity deaths. But Keith Urban sent the year off in style with a touching tribute to music's fallen greats. The country star was joined on stage by his dancing wife