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رسم الشمس

رسم الشمس

Pictures Say A Thousand Words

In my school the only fake kind of girls there are fake wannabe emos making the lgbt community sound like a joke and I would rather have fake Barbie girls than these ones at my school

This is Israel's "Self Defense" Stand with the innocent and what's right!  Do not allow the distorted media to sway you from the truth!

They are NOT terrorist❗️ They are just children suffering pain.

Crayon Bits - a first grade blog: 3D Flower Diagrams

Parts of a flower lesson! Green straw for the stems and cupcake papers make the flower. Sunflower seeds are glued in the middle of the cupcake paper.

American citizens are fighting in the Israeli army also. I don't see how that's even legal. Surely it's a violation of The Logan Act, The Alien and Sedition Acts, or The Patriot Act for an American citizen to travel abroad, join a foreign military force, and participate in combat against civilians.

Arab leaders read this . She's more brave than you. - on this board cuz no where else to put it

أجزاء النبته

أجزاء النبته

Homs / Syria

Palestinian man kisses his dead child as a result of israeli bombing