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This old bastard made late night decorating for my Mom's birthday a real shit-show. - #animals #cats #funny #fun

from The Huffington Post

LOOK: A Wheelbarrow Full Of Puppies

Ugh...pugs. LOL...might be fun to try to make these. I'd rather make them into lizard cupcakes or sun conure cupcakes!

from BuzzFeed

The 25 All-Too-Real Stages Of Going From Hungry To Hangry

H E Y ...... I THINK ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY !!??... Lol lol. Have a. PURR-FECT. BIRTHDAY SWEET NORMA ... Are you 29 on the 29th ..??!!!! Ooooooooo : c )

from Kotaku

This Might Be The Cutest Animal Crossing Party Ever

Usually, when you think that it might be cool if you could buy all your friends a copy of the game you're playing--so you can play together--it's just an idle fantasy. kaiaminalcrossing actually did it with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and they threw the most charming party for the presents, too.

* * LIES: " Dat's wut I toles grandma; butz in reality, first chance I getz; I willz rip it to rags and say it gotz caught in de paper shredder."