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It's true. Even if your cap falls off, goggles leak. You have to keep going. You can't give up, not unless you want all eyes on you and embarrassment.

I hate when people say swim isn't a sport or is a wimp sport. If those people would actually come to one of our practices they would see how hard swim actually is!

Nope, should be I have to clean my goggles, as extremely overused by coach's pets.

Yeah its the medley relay.

It can't be both individual and relay. It's either individual relay or medley relay. We don't call it IM relay. like whatt?


Everyday will be a new beginning take a deep breath and start. I have heard from a lot of people that swimming would be the most complete exercise.

Yet sometimes that still doesn’t help  #longdistancesprint

and my tears blend in the water

We need these at swim meets! Could come in handy for my friends that break all their caps and have to barrow mine and their goggles too lol

What an awesome vending machine. think we need some TYR products in there as well!- said last person even though TYR is not as good ( sorry guys ) instead there should be a couple of suits in average sizes

Hmmm lol usually the second one..

Hmmm lol usually the second one.