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If artificial intelligence (AI) can beat the greatest strategy champions at their own games, will it reach a point where it can beat a lawyer at the practice of law?

App-Improvement AI And The Future Of Web

Artificial intelligence (AI) is permeating our lives -- just not in the ways we might have expected from reading sci-fi novels or watching robot..

Computers that simply do the sames things faster and faster are becoming boring. Been there, done that. But a device that can detect and interpret your emotions? Or intelligently organize a meeting, knowing that one of the participants is jogging at the time? That’s a more interesting proposition. Intel, perhaps surprisingly, is working on both. At the Intel Developer Forum this week, the chip giant has serious business on tap...

The European Space Agency sent Kombucha into space for science and stuff

The yeast and bacteria that come together to form the brew's basis could be used as an off-Earth building material.

Physicists say they can make money that can’t be copied—at least in theory

Working on science fiction: NASA has released a video clip describing its plan to create a laser based communications system for space communication.